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Apartment PM Checklist for the Fall Season

Your Service Team should be doing these PM checks starting this Fall.

Here are a few things your Service team should be checking in order to avoid a sudden increase in service calls as the weather cools and rain and snow begin to fall.

Below are a few items to get you started and of course add or modify as needed.

I hope to see you at an industry event in the near future.

Mark Cukro



Full PM List

Water Heaters – Check temperature and adjust if necessary, Inspect, drain and clean if needed.
Fire Extinguishers: Inspect and recharge.
Smoke Alarms: Inspect and test battery.
Doors: Inspect weather stripping, thresholds, hinges, and locks.
Windows: do they open and close easily and lock

Gutters: clean, secure, and pitched correctly
Downspouts: secure and clear of debris
Splash-blocks: installed correctly?
Roofs: any areas that are sagging?
Shingles: any missing, loose or broken?
Flashing: does it all appear intact and installed correctly?
Photocells: test them and make sure they work properly.
Windows – do they open and close easily and lock?
Inspect for wood rot: Trim, molding, stairs, decks etc.
Loose or damaged trim, rails, banisters, or balusters.
Paint: Need touch up?
Siding: any loose or missing?
Caulking: check condition and re-caulk wherever necessary
Trip hazards: check sidewalk, stairwell, and walkways
Doors – Inspect weather stripping, thresholds, automatic door closers, hinges, and locks.

Common Areas and grounds
Parking lot – potholes and cracks
Photocells or timers for exterior lights – do they work correctly? Test them!
Storm Drains: Inspect and clean