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  • “Greystar sent a few service team members to Mark Cukro’s HAVC and Pool Certification classes through the Charlotte Apartment Association in 2006. The feedback that we received from those associates was extremely positive.

    Tabitha Meyers.This was surprising coming from the service team side who are typically not fond of training classes. When planning our annual regional holiday event we decided to hire Mark Cukro to speak in December 2006 which was for both on-site management as well as service teams. We wanted someone who would be able to speak to both sides (management & maintenance) effectively without boring them to tears.

    Mark’s delivery of the topic of “Leadership” was phenomenal! He did a terrific job of incorporating the material to speak to both teams. Mark definitely has the gifted ability to be captivating, animated, and direct. Our associates (especially our service teams) raved about him! I would absolutely recommend Mark to speak at any event for your on-site management or service teams.

    by Tabitha Myers Greystar
  • “I am a property manager at Dover Farms apartment in Cleveland Ohio. We just had a training class with Jason Outlaw for electrical training. The class was more than electrical training. Jason went over NOI, Customer Service, Attitude, and more.

    All of the topics we talked about are the core to being an effective team player and I was thrilled that we talked about each of them. The class was both serious and fun. I learned maintenance trouble shooting and terminology I did not know and had a great time doing it. Everyone got involved, my technicians are still talking about the class and it has been over for two hours now.

    I have been in the field for over 10 years and this was one of the most informative, active, and fun training courses I have been to.

    Thank for everything and regards,”
    by Rebecca DuBiel, Property Manager Dover Farms, NR Ohio
  • Mark Cukro,
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to come present to our Maintenance for Property Managers class... You by far were one of the most interesting speakers we have had, I really enjoyed it! Sincerely,
    by Megan Degnan
  • Thank You!
    I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class. The guys always speak so highly of you and your knowledge and now that I have experienced it first hand I can see why they always want to go to your classes. I went into the Pool Operator class knowing enough to be dangerous and left feeling very knowledgeable. Now I know how to speak with the Health Inspectors.”
    by Charlene - Area Manager - Atlanta, GA
  • Thousands and Thousands of dollars!
    While taking the Certified Pool Operator Class I was thinking of all of the money that could be saved. Think of all of the money and personnel hours we could be saving just due to the knowledge provided by this training. I think every Maintenance Team and Manager should go to this training together.”
    by Valerie Fulke - Property Manager - Waterford Apartments
  • Hello Mark.
    To be honest I thought the Pool class was going to be boring. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't wait to go back on the 2nd day and thank you for making me feel included. I look forward to going to more of your classes.”
    by Ghandi L. Hill, CAM - General Manager - Atlanta, GA
  • Thanks Mark it was a really good class.
    As a Service Manager I was hesitant to go to this training but now I can't wait to go to the next class. I had no idea we could save so much money so easily.”
    by Jimmy P. - Plum Grove Apts. - Charlotte, NC
  • Mark,
    I have been to a countless number of training classes over the years. I found yours to be the most informative. I will be recommending your courses to my fellow supervisors and you can look for someone from my team to be at all of your training courses. Thank You .....Thank you.....Thank you.”
    by Angelo Lambiase - Misty Woods - Charlotte, NC
  • Mark,
    I am so impressed with your training style. Your approach appeals to maintenance level personnel and CEO's alike. The audience is engaged and attentive during your presentation; and each time I receive comments from the participants about how much they learned during the course. Not only is your class motivating; but you leave the participants with the aptitude and attitude to succeed. Thank you for your commitment to others; it is very helpful to have field representatives that are confident in their role.”
    by Kimberly Krzemien, Regional Vice President, Harbor Group Management Company
  • Mark,
    "It's been a long time since we've had such a positive response to an outside speaker! Here are some of the comments from some of our site associates: Out of the 20 or so leadership/motivational speakers I have heard, he was one of the best. Mark gave us the tools to implement changes versus just telling us the same old thing. Mark was a great speaker with lot’s of really good information to put to use. I thought Mark did a great job with what could be complicated material. Thank you for helping our team to develop their skills!!”
    by Mindy McCorkle, Operations Manager CAM, CAPS, Crosland, Inc.

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