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  • Dear Mark,
    I just want to write and say thanks for all of the great tips you shared with my team. They use the handouts and participant guides you gave them in our weekly staff meetings.”
    by Jeremy Billings - Pine Village - Atlanta, GA
  • Mark,
    As a member of the Appraisal Institute, I have had the opportunity and great fortune to attend some of the best classes and seminars on real estate offered in the world. I have met very few instructors that have your enthusiasm knowledge and energy. I was very impressed. Thanks!”
    by Marty McCauley
  • Mark & Jason,
    Hey guys, I attended your Heat Pump Troubleshooting class Wednesday at Talbert Woods. I have been a Maintenance Tech or Maintenance. Supervisor. for about 12 years now. Your class was the best service training class I have ever attended. It took me 3-4 years of on the job training to gain the same knowledge as I acquired in one day of your training. I appreciate Ya'lls teaching methods and look forward to attending another. Thank You.”
    by MarJosh Galloway - Maintenance Supervisor, Palms Associates, Southridge Townhomes
  • Mark,
    I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much our team enjoyed your training! I've never seen our Maintenance Team so enthusiastic about a training seminar or for that matter, a trainer! EPMI will definitely be back in touch with you as we continue our commitment to provide top-notch training to our maintenance staff. Thanks again for providing an interesting, educational and motivating day of training for our employees!”
    by Lynn Kerr, CAM, Property Manager, Residences At B
  • Mark,
    You make classes & learning fun and keep their attention so they really learn something that can
    be applied at the property. I am so thankful for you starting your business and all the hard work you have put into teaching people what they need to know to help them grow in this business. I have been a property manager for 29 years and I would have loved to have been able to have people trained they way you train them! I just can’t thank you enough. I will continue to send my staff to all your courses and take some more of them myself. You are one in a million Mark!!”
    by Debra Weber Sobeck - President, Evans Property Management, Inc.
  • Mark,
    I can't wait to get more feedback but so far it has been absolutely awesome. Our team needed YOU to give them that boost and shot in the arm to wake up to our amazing business. The team admired you immensely and was so impressed with your knowledge. Wow did you ever have a way of connecting with them. You said you would do this and you delivered. We will talk soon and work out a way to do some follow up..I know they all want you back for the July meeting. The guys were in the elevator with the Owner of the company and raving about your session and everyone has thanked me for finding you.....thank you again for sharing your knowledge and you know I will stay in touch!”
    by Jackie Weissmiller, Portfolio Manager N.Calif, Evans Property Management, Inc.
  • Mark,
    Thanks so much for the excellent presentation. You were a hit with the maintenance staff and managers. Your presentation was not only very informative, but humorous as well.”
    by Terry Nutt, Vice President - Property Management, Brantley Properties, Inc.
  • Mark, thank you so much for coming to San Antonio to teach the HVAC EPA Certification class to the Maintenance personnel of the San Antonio Apartment Association membership. Those in the class enjoyed your teaching style and the way you kept it interesting and fun. Comments such as “I would recommend this class to all maintenance staff”; “this class exceeded my expectations”; “I hope the Association brings Mark back for some of his other courses” were on the student evaluations. These comments reflect well and bring me to the conclusion that you will need to come back to San Antonio next year! Thank you again!”
    by Tena, Director of Education, San Antonio Apartment Association
  • Mr. Cukro, I just wanted to say thank you for the timely response and the plan you worked out to get my pool back up to par. Not sure how to add a testimonials but I hope this will help.

    About 4 days ago I came into work and my pool floor was completely covered in the beginning stages of green algae. After taking my pool readings and adding the necessary chemicals and vacuuming the pool bottom the next day it was worse.

    Since I had taken your class only 5 months ago or so and you said if we had any questions to call you I did. After several emails of everything you asked me for being responded to and 5 minutes in over all time, you came back with a plan that you said in a few days should have the pool looking good again.

    After following your advice to a "T" I came in the next morning and my pool was sparkling clear once again. Thank you for all of your time and your positive attitude towards the whole issue. All of the residents appreciate everything as well.”
    by Jason - Fairfield Properties LP - Charlotte, NC
  • “I had gone trough Mark's Camt class within the last year(and really learned a lot) and Mark let us know if we ever had any questions we could give him a call and get his advice. Well my A.C. stopped working on our clubhouse so I went through all the checks and the charge appeared to be correct but my indoor cooling was not correct. So I called Mark and he asked me what all my readings were (don't take him up on his offer unless you check all your pressures and temps.) and he said the it was likely my R-22 was contaminated and I was getting false readings. So he told me to recover the charge, put a new filter dryer and put new r-22 in the system. Sure enough after all that the A.C. is working more efficiently now than in the past few years according to the office staff.

    Thanks for the advice,”
    by Jacob Kern

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