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Conversations that make a difference


Every successful person you meet has been through challenges, faced obstacles, strong opposition, failures, and set-backs yet they learned to overcome them and move on. Over a period of time they have learned and know how to focus on a goal like few people do, they get things done, avoid common distractions and generate results. The great ones, know how to be an excellent team player, they look out for their team and hold people accountable in a firm and encouraging way.

For every successful person I have met, they almost always remember one small piece of advice that stuck with them over the years or recall a turning point that may have even seemed insignificant at the time but proved to be profound and meaningful. Sometimes it came from a family member, coach, teacher or a random and unexpected conversation.
Let us know what made a difference for you and what would you tell someone that wants to get better results?

Share one of your stories, some insights, wisdom or a moment that you still remember so others can learn from it and have a wonderful, goal achieving, make it happen, kind of year that only you can produce!

Below are a few conversations that impacted me at one point or another and still do.

There is no such thing as fair. Fair is an opinion, held by a person or group to justify something or some result. It is a self-made perspective that is served by the person giving it. Sometimes life will work for you with little effort and sometimes it will work against you for little reason. Learn to accept that and your life will be much easier. There is right and wrong so do what is right.

“Quitting is for other people”. Is something my Dad used to say and this is phrase that has stuck with me for as long as I can remember. The unwillingness to quit, no matter what, for the right reasons will see you through more than you can imagine. Knowing deeply that you will succeed and that you just have to do what is necessary will take you a very long way. There is no substitute for genuine effort and perseverance.

There is no such thing as a loss. You either get a victory or a lesson to learn from. This can come in many forms but when you learn that small failures are as natural as breathing you’ll take more risks and learn to overcome everything in some way. People that are achievers don’t focus on failing they focus on improving based on the lesson.

You will either add to the world or take from it. You should feel obligated to leave it better than when you arrived. A sign of true strength is to build things, help people, and make everything better as much as you can. Be an example of inspiration and positive change. Even if it is small it is more than nothing at all.

Teach people, including your children, that they can achieve their goals and encourage them to become better in every endeavor. The world needs more people that make it a better place. It needs more people like you doing what is right because it is right.

There are only a few reasons for success but there is always an abundance of excuses for failure… Be a reason for happiness and success!


Mark Cukro