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Since Maintenance Expenses are the largest controllable expense on a Property it is important for all to understand how they can be managed effectively so they reduce expenses and increase NOI. The reason we encourage everyone to attend is so each individual in the office as well as on the service team can communicate more effectively which will result in a significant increase in response time and a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete a service request.

For example, when a service request is written correctly the technician can bring the correct parts or tools to the residents home and quickly resolve the issue at hand. If a work order is written and it is too general it usually results in one trip to the apartment home to assess the situation and another to bring the correct tools and parts. This is not very efficient and can waste a significant amount of time. On top of that, you will know if someone or a contractor is not really giving you the whole truth and identify when they are.

As a result of attending these classes everyone will know the terms typically used in our industry, why some tasks take longer than others, and how to ask questions that make us more knowledgeable and effective.

Since resources for the service staff typically do not increase we need to work more efficiently and minimize time spent on tasks. This will reduce our expenses, positively impact our property NOI and allow us to complete more service requests on our property. For example, if each employee can save ten minutes a day it will collectively save the company thousands of dollars spent in time that can be used elsewhere. (this will also be covered in class)

Just think about all of the times you have received a phone call only to have a technician find out it was something so simple it could have been handled with a good question and a quick tip/short comment. Training every associate will pay for itself.

Often times someone in the office that has attended this class usually doesn’t think they will gain much when they arrive but by the end of the second day they have learned how to better manage a service department. If you want to be sure you meet NOI regarding Maintenance this class is a Must.

When sending your associates to these classes, we suggest that you send your Supervisors first for their own education as well as being able to facilitate and encourage the use of the information in the field.