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Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips 2009

Tips for the Season

Here are a few simple tips that can make all the difference. The residents will really appreciate it when you go the extra mile, especially during the hectic and often stressful holiday season.

  • Extend office hours so residents can pick up packages
  • Give residents a small bag of ice melt or leave one with each service request so they can sprinkle it in front of their doorway if needed
  • Get the frost warning bootleg signs ready
  • Send residents a notice that there is a package in the office (many times they are pleasantly surprised someone sent a package and the sticky note left by the delivery company is blown off the door)
  • Roast Marshmallows for the children and Big Kids (Adults) Just light a BBQ, Fireplace or light a small fire pit and pass out the roasting sticks. Everyone remembers making smore’s and roasting marshmallows!!
  • Have a little gathering where everyone can meet their neighbor, drink some egg nog, and possibly give them a roll of wrapping paper. They can usually be found at the dollar store and are inexpensive
  • Schedule an adult or children’s movie night. Offer residents popcorn and hot chocolate. After all, who doesn’t like a good cup of hot chocolate when it is cold outside?
  • If your property is in an area where there is enough snow have a snowman building contest for the residents. This has been a huge success in many areas where there is enough snowfall.
  • Judges can be elected and the teams get a time period to build the best snowman. Keep the residents warm with hot chocolate and enjoy the area that is transformed into a hang out for the neighborhood Frosty.
  • For the company help reduce vacant electric – Turn the vacant unit thermostat settings to 55-60 degrees in heat mode and leave cabinet doors open
  • Be sure to order enough Ice Melt for at least one snowfall before any forecast for snow. There is nothing worse than being unprepared and inventories for ice melt are often low or it can be unavailable for several days.
  • If your property has fireplaces send the residents a friendly reminder about what logs should be used and why fuel logs are not a good idea.
  • Don’t forget to check those smoke detector batteries! When I worked on site it was not uncommon to experience at least one kitchen fire during the Holiday Season.

Be as prepared as possible!