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Open the Pool or you are Fired! Wait….what?

This thread has really turned into a hot topic!

I just had a conversation with someone that was told to open an unsafe pool or find somewhere else to work.
Unfortunately this is not an uncommon scenario and it happens far too often. How would you handle it and what would you do?

Below is an outline of the situation.

A Service Manager on a two person Service Team staff has been injured and the remaining technician is trying to keep up with the increased workload. As a result he has been working 50-60 hours a week for the past 8 weeks with no support.
The chlorinator in the pool is not working, it needs to be replaced and nobody else on site is CPO certified, which is required in the area and state.

The Manager informed the technician that “there is not enough money in the budget, don’t worry about not being certified and just open the pool. So what the water is a little cloudy, just open it if you want to keep working here.”

This type of scenario arises several times a year and it amazes me how this consistently gets handled.

I would like to know your thoughts if this was happening where you work, what advice you would give the technician in this scenario or if you even knew that this is not too uncommon.

Check out what everyone had to say and comment.

Here is the original thread on my Linked In.