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Keep everyone’s attention with these fun yet informative slides. This is a GREAT way to get the audience engaged and keep their attention while they get ready for your presentation.

Create a welcoming environment with an excellent assortment of trivia, quotes, fun facts, and motivational sayings set up in a PowerPoint show that is completely ready to use. This collection of PowerPoint slides already includes transitions and most of all it helps get everyone prepared to learn. All slides are set up to advance by themselves. You just sit back and let it run!

In all, there are 4 different slide shows you can show to your groups, each with about 150 slides:

  • Interesting and Fun Facts Version 1, 2 or 3
  • Motivational slides
  • Quotes ‘n Sayings
  • Tricky Trivia
  • Totally Random
  • Our Planet and Conservation Facts

dd-interesting-facts-2 Interesting Facts, Figures, and Questions Version 1

dd-interesting-facts2-sm Interesting Facts, Figures, and Questions Version 2


Life Lessons and Inspirational Quotes


People and Conservation Facts and Trivia

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