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The BEST time for over seeding and aerating a lawn is now. What you need to know!

Beat up, thinned, and worn-out lawns invite weeds and don’t help leasing apartments but the curb appeal is the first thing every prospect that visits sees on their way to the office.

So, here are some helpful tips and things to consider BEFORE you have

your lawn seeded and aerated.


The best time period is in autumn (mid-August to mid-September). Now

The second best time (March — April)

Reseeding is without a doubt the fastest and most inexpensive way to add new life to your lawn and get it back to being lush green and looking great without major work and/or starting over.
Make sure you choose the right type of seed for your lawn such as fescue, bermuda, rye, or match what you have already. Use seed that is 99.9% weed free. Talk with your landscaper to be certain.

Core aerating is very beneficial to the lawn you are trying to grow, especially if you live in the South. It help keep the soil loose, allows for air and nutrients to get below the surface of the soil and makes amending the soil much easier better for the life of the lawn.

It is often recommended that seeding and aerating are done within a few days of each other and once the new grass grows make sure it does not get cut for a few weeks or until it is 2-3 inches tall.


The numbers on the bag or label (32-0-4) tell you what percentage of each ingredient is in the mix of fertilizer and they stand for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (N-P-K) and the percentage of each product by weight.

Nitrogen helps it grow and get greener, Phosphorous stimulates root growth and helps seeds sprout, and Potassium helps grass withstand stresses like disease and drought. So, make sure you use the right type of fertilizer for your property. Not all fertilizers are the same, typically a slow-release fertilizer is preferred.

I hope this helps with getting your lawn nice and green and that it stays that way.


Take good care!



Mark Cukro

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