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What advice would you give to an individual who is just beginning his or her Maintenance career in the industry?

Golf Cart2This industry gets in your blood and you’ll know if it is right for you within the first few months. Often industry veterans will say something along the lines of, “I can’t imagine working in any other industry” and the constant changes and variety of challenges can make it more unique, fun, and entertaining than anything else I have ever done.

When you are new to the industry there are few things to consider if you want to get ahead and increase the chances of success and how well you compliment the team and industry you have just joined. The industry is unique in many ways but the most simple and universal “must do” rules apply first. Be a few minutes early or at the very least on time every day. Some of the biggest impressions you will make will be during your first few weeks so make sure they are all good ones that employers and teams want and hope for in a new team member.

The first few will be your ability to consistently show up on time, how positive or negative your attitude is, and how you dress for work. All of these are a true reflection of the pride you have for yourself and the priority you put on working with your new team in a new industry.

Then, a little further in the beginning of your career your technical ability and willingness to learn will become a very large determining factor for your success. Are you willing and eager to learn new trades and take on tasks outside of your job description? If you are a hard worker with a positive attitude that constantly seeks to learn how to improve you will be a hot commodity and will always be in demand.

Find someone that will teach you and learn all you can while you figure your path in the industry. In my experience the people that are truly great in the industry will be more than willing to teach an eager student. If you take sincere pride in everything that you do and work to become a proficient an ambassador of the industry success will gravitate toward you. See you in the field!