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Why Technicians Should Never Use Test Strips on Your Swimming Pool!


How do I know which one to use?
Well, there is no doubt there are plenty of options when buying a pool test kit and every company that sells a kit will usually tell you how accurate it is and that it is just fine for what you need.

Well, if there is any one single test kit I would ever avoid using it is the test strips that give you results in less that 30 seconds. Sure, it is nice to watch the colors change and then compare them to a color chart on the back of a bottle but they are cheap for a reason and not really designed to be used in a swimming pool at an Apartment community or Hotel. How accurate do you think it really is when it is the cheapest one available?

As in most things, you get what you pay for and anything that tests water quality and can impact the health of swimmers should not be the cheapest thing you can find for sale.

The test strips that are sold rely on the user to match the color of a small square about the size of a match head and are subject to misinterpretation or “best guessing” and I have never seen one close to being  accurate when compared side by side with a higher quality test kit such as a reagent test kits or a digital tester. (They are challenging for me to read too)

If you want accurate readings that help you make correct chemical changes and have a clear pool get rid of every test strip kit on your property and buy either a reagent test kit or a digital one, whichever you prefer. They are not expensive and will absolutely be more accurate.


Pool Test Kit

In any business, better measurements/metrics lead to better performance and most often it will lead to significant savings and cost you less money in the long run. If you want to make a small change that will make your pool last longer and be safer get a good test kit now.

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Mark Cukro

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Mark Cukro is an Instructor with the National Swimming Pool Foundation and teaches the National Certified Pool Operator Course and has been taking care of pools for 25 years.