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Yes it is FREEZING! Here are a few ways to take care of your Service Team and Residents!

Yes this happened!

Yes this happened!

No doubt, it is freezing cold outside and your Service Team will spend more time outside than anyone else on site. Most likely they will be flooded with service requests for no heat, drafts, slippery sidewalks, stairs, broken pipes, and the many other things that typically happen when it is colder than usual.

If you are a Manager or Service Manager/Supervisor make sure everyone is warm, dry, safe, and that each person gets enough time to do their work correctly with the right resources. Everyone on the team should have appropriate clothing and if they don’t do what you can to make sure they get it.

Shoveling snow and ice is hard work and if you want to help reduce the possibility of back injuries make sure everyone has the right kind of shovels, equipment, and clothing as well and enough breaks and rest. The last thing you want is everyone so sore they can’t come to work the next day.

It is easy to feel the extra pressure bad weather can bring but when you work together as a team and look out for everyone it can be much easier. Go out of your way to check on everyone and I am certain the team will appreciate hot drinks waiting for them when they take a break.

Here are a few questions!

Does everyone on the team have warm enough clothing? Hat, gloves, coats, waterproof boots, safety equipment?

Is everyone ready to deal with a loss of power?

Does everyone know what their role is in case of an emergency such as fallen trees or a fire?

Do you have enough ice melt?

Do you have the right shovels?

Are the cabinets doors open in all of the vacant units and is the heat on?

It may be a perfect time to grab a cup of coffee and review a few small details and policies with the team. Too often, we wait for an emergency to react and then scramble to get everything done when a few minutes of preparation could have saved valuable time and prevented headaches.

Be proactive, take care of your team so they can take care of the residents in a timely manner and do everything right the first time. Make sure everyone has what they need to do the job right and that every single person on the team knows what to do in case of an emergency or crisis.

Mark Cukro
Plus One Consulting, Inc.

PS. No melting snow with a blow torch! It may be funny but I have seen it with my own eyes. Stay safe and warm!

Not a Good Idea! Apartments and Flame Throwers do NOT mix!

Not a Good Idea!
Apartments and Flame Throwers do NOT mix!